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Template: List of Supported Macros

This page is the status for supported macros just before the 2.1 release. The information below is based on an internal analysis, and is the starting point to support all Confluence macros as soon as possible.

If you require support for a specific macro please let us know via the Scroll Viewport developers mailinglist.

Macro NameSupported ((tick) / (warning) / (error))CommentsExpectations
Attachments(tick)Viewport has its own attachment macro. 
Change History(tick)  
Charts Macro(tick)Chart is displayed as an image. 
Children Display(tick)  
Content by Label(warning)Developers need to implement their own styling to the output.Not wrap content in a table.
Content by User(tick)  
Content report table(tick)  
Contributors Summary(tick)  
Create from template(warning)Sends users to the confluence home page, and nothing happens.Return users to confluence and get show the template creation popup. Just like when click the button in confluence.
Create Space button(error)
Button in Viewport calls:
However this throws following exception 
Velocity template accessing method on deprecated class com.atlassian.confluence.spaces.actions.CreateSpaceAction#getText - /spaces/createspace.vm[line 6, column 32]
Work like a button. When clicking the user returns to confluence and the Create a new Space wizard starts.

Global Reports(tick)  

IM Presence(tick)  
JIRA issues(tick)  
JUnit results-  
Labels list(tick)Labels are rendered as a list. 

Scroll Viewport supports the display of attachments.


Code Block


Theme developer need to implement a code highlighting framework. An example on how to do this: Enabling custom Source Code Highlighting


Can be used out of the box, but better use page layouts


It is possible to use the expand macro, but it is required to add JS/CSS code to the theme manually.

For first-class support, please vote for VPRT-547 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Navigation Map(warning)Developers need to implement their own styling to the output.Check HTML output. Same as Confluence.
Multimedia(tick)Known limitation wrt swf-files: VPRT-569 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

Developer needs to control the styling of the macro, and clicking on the button returns the user to the confluence interface.

Use User Search Recipe and Displaying Additional User Information from the User Profile Plugin

No format(tick)  
Page tree search   
Search Results User search.vm and Implementing quick search results 

Can be used out of the box, but better use page layouts

Widget Connector(tick)  
Page Index(tick)works pretty well 
Page properties(tick)  
Page properties report(warning)The table and the attributes get mixed up. Column names do not match the ones in confluenceCheck HTML output. Fix problems with the arrangement of table cells and table headers.
Page tree(tick)  
Picture Profile Use the viewport $user.picture 
Popular labels(tick)  
Recently updated(tick)  
RSS(tick)Use viewports own RSS Feed. 
Space details(tick)  
Widget Connector(tick)Tested with google maps and youtube.