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Tweaking the Scroll Help Theme

Display Home Page in Tree

Sometime you might want to show the home page in the tree like here:

To do so, change include-sidepanel.vm to the following:

<nav class="aui-navgroup aui-navgroup-vertical">
    <div class="aui-navgroup-inner">
        <ul class="aui-nav">
            <li class="normal #if($space.home == $page) active #end" style="padding-top: 15px;">
                <i class="sp-tree-toggle fa fa-fw fa-home" style="padding-right: 5px;"></i>
                <a href="$">$space.home.title</a>
                <ul class="aui-nav sp-pagetree" data-viewport-id="$"
                    style="display: block!important; padding-top: 0; padding-left: 5px; margin-top: 0; margin-left: 0; border-top: none;">