Page Link fields are used to link existing Confluence Pages. Orderly's Page Link fields also allow to create new Confluence pages on-the-fly.

For example:

  • You have a Project database. When a new entry is created, also a new page should be created.

In such cases, the settings of the Page Link field allow to setup who pages are created.


  • You have admin permissions for your database.

  • You have created or know a confluence page template you want to use as initial content for newly created pages.

  • You have added a field that is using the field type “Page link” to your database.

Set-up Page Creation

In the Page Link field settings you can configure whether pages can be created on-the-fly.


  1. Click the cog icon to open the Field Settings.
  2. Check Enable page creation,
  3. Select a Parent page, where the new pages will be located.
  4. Optionally, you can select a template which will be used as initial content.