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Import/ Export CSV files

Use structured content from other tools i.e. Notion or Airtable.

Q2 2022

Field type 👀  Look up

Display specific values from other databases.

Q2 2022

Export View for Orderly Macros

Orderly macros are visible in pdf exports.

Q2 2022

'OR' Filter Combinations

At least one filter must match instead of all of them.

Q2 2022

Field type Backlink

Track other database entries this entry is linked in.

Q2 2022

Share Databases Globally

Reference a database throughout your whole confluence instance.

Q2 2022

Field type Number

Display numbers that use a specific format, e.g. Euro or Percent.

Q2 2022

Field type 🏷 Page label

Display and edit labels from a linked confluence page.

Q2 2022

Card view

Display database entries as cards in a gallery view.

Q1 2022 

Sorting Direction 

Sort fields from either A-Z or Z-A.

Q2 2022

Column Resizing

Resize database table columns.

Q1 2021

Multi-select for Link fields

Store multiple page links and database entry links.

Q1 2021

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