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Move Databases Between Spaces

Move or copy a database from one space to another.

ODB-22 - Copy and move databases between spaces Open Q1 2023

Saved Database Views

Define custom views for your database and reuse them in your macros.

ODB-11 - Saved database views Open Q1 2023

Board Layout

Transform your database into a kanban board.

ODB-12 - Board layout Released Q4 2022

Advanced field type: Page Info

Display page information in a specific field type, e.g., Creation date, Last Updated, Changed by, or Comment

ODB-26 - New field type: "Page info" Open Q1 2023

Field type: Jira Issue Link

Provide more details when searching for and dissolving Jira issue links. Additionally, explore advanced issue syncing options.

ODB-37 - New Field type: "Jira Issue link" Waiting for Release Q1 2023

Field type: Number

Display numbers that use a specific format, e.g., Euro or Percent.

ODB-9 - New field type: "Number" Released Q4 2022

Dynamic filter settings

When creating pages based on a template, automatically include information such as the current page title in the database filter settings.

ODB-27 - Dynamic filter settings Open Q1 2023

Cloud Fortified

Achieve the Cloud Fortified badge.

ODB-44 - Cloud Fortified Apps Program for Orderly Databases Closed Q4 2022

Notify Mentioned Users

Via mail.

ODB-5 - User field: Notify mentioned users Open

Entry Bulk Action

Select multiple entries to open, count, move, copy or delete them.

ODB-15 - Bulk edit multiple values of the same field Open

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