We're proud to announce Sunflower, the latest release of Orderly Databases for Confluence.

The Papercut Chronicles

The Sunflower release adds many enhancements to existing features that allow you to view, maintain and search your data more efficiently.

  • Field Action Menu – Perform quick actions like sorting or filtering in the new field actions menu in the header row.

  • Sorting – Sort database entries based on any field and change sort direction at your convenience.

  • Field Descriptions – Add context to your fields to help your team members better understand what type of information goes where.

  • OR-Filter – Create more complex filters with the new OR condition. Choose between displaying entries that match all or any of your filters.

  • Quick Search in Toolbar – Search for entries or values within your database with the new quick search button in the toolbar.

  • Delete Page with Entry – When deleting database entries, you can now choose to delete linked pages as well.

  • New loading animations – Is your data taking a moment to load? We can't always control that, but we try to make the wait a little more enjoyable with new animations.