We're proud to announce Dahlia, the latest release of Orderly Databases for Confluence.

Import Entries and Export Databases

Orderly enables you to grow your Confluence instance by keeping newly created content structured and consistent from the start. But what if you already have existing structured content in other tools?

With Dahlia, you can now import  from tools like Confluence tables, Page Properties, Notion, or Excel. Learn how to Import Data From Other Tools.

And not only that. To ensure that you also get your data out of Orderly whenever you want to, with Dahlia we provide two additional formats to export your database. You can now choose between CSV, HTML and PDF when exporting your database.

🏎 Up to 65x Performance Increase for Larger Databases

With Dahlia we set out improve the handling of large sets of data. Especially Entry link and Backlink fields now load significantly faster compared to before and this is by far not the end of the line. In fact, more performance improvements are planed for the upcoming releases.

New Database Create Flow

When creating new databases it can be very tedious and complicated to setup a valuable structure by adding more fields and changing the title field settings in the process.

With Dahlia we are introducing a new and simplified create database dialog that enables you to define your title field based on your needs. Decide for yourself if you want to structure your pages, create an advanced table or organize your team.

All the Small Things...

  • Fixed a bug where fixed column overflows caused other columns to shrink

  • Fixed a bug where entry link showed deleted entry action in export view