We're proud to announce Lily 1, the latest release of Orderly Databases for Confluence.

Enhanced Macro Layout

  • Sticky toolbar – The toolbar in database macros now stays on top of the screen when scrolling the page.
  • Auto filled width field The width of the database macro is now automatically adjusted to your page width.
  • Dynamic macro height Database macros don't have their own scroll bar anymore. Instead, they take the full height of the page.

Improved Database Editing With Active Toolbar

  • Default value for ‘equals’-filter – When an equals filter e.g. “is”, “is on” is active, values to newly created entries are automatically created to match the filter.
  • Toolbar settings ignore new and in-progress entries Settings for filters, fields and sorting are applied to the latest saved version of the database, not the current draft. This way, for example, new entries are no longer hidden when certain filters are applied.
  • New default for hidden fields For databases with customized field selection, newly added fields are now hidden. This way, new fields are only visible in the database macros you choose and you don’t have to manually remove them in other macros afterwards.

Other Improvements

  • Bug fix – Creating a new parent page via the page link field settings is now working.