After establishing a connection to the Acrolinx server, you need to define a background check profile to be able to run language checks on your Confluence content.

Create a new background check profile

Background Check Profiles do not make use of (or relate to) Acrolinx Server Checking Profiles. Check settings are ignored if Acrolinx Server Checking Profiles are defined.

To create a new background check profile, navigate to Confluence administration > Check Profiles and click Create Check Profile, and fill in the form with the information you need to:

NameName of background checking profile.

The language that applies for the check profile. You can choose from all the languages you have configured on your Acrolinx server.

(info) Depending on the language you choose, certain configuration options may be displayed or hidden.

Rule Set

Select the Rule Set to be used.


Define the types of issues that you want to check for.

(info) Depending on the language and Rule Set you have selected, certain options in this list may be greyed out. This depends on how you have configured your Acrolinx server.

Term Sets

Select the term set(s) you want to use.

(info) Different term sets are displayed depending on the selected language and rule set.

View and manage all Background Check Profiles

You can review a list of all your Background Check Profiles at Confluence administration > Scroll Acrolinx Connector > Check Profiles.

On this menu, you can edit the settings of profiles, delete profiles, configure a default language for profiles, or set a global default profile. 

Global default profile behavior

The global default profile is automatically set as the profile to be used when you first activate Scroll Acrolinx Connector in a space.

Configure Language Defaults 

If you've installed Scroll Translations, you can define the default language that the background check profile should be used for. The profile will then be used by default for this language in all spaces if no other check profile has been configured for the selected language.

To configure a default language for the background check profile, navigate to Confluence administration > Scroll Acrolinx Connector > Check Profiles and click Configure Language Defaults for the relevant Background Check Profile.

Next steps

You have created your first Background Check Profile.

Scroll Acrolinx Connector is globally configured, and now and needs to be activated on space level for certain spaces.