We're happy that you've chosen Scroll Acrolinx Connector for Confluence. This article explains how to access the Acrolinx Sidebar, and use it to check the quality of your Confluence content.

Access the Acrolinx Sidebar

Scroll Acrolinx connector works by integrating the Acrolinx Sidebar into Confluence – letting you review issues found by Acrolinx side-by-side with your content in a completely unobtrusive way.

You can open the Acrolinx Sidebar by clicking the Toggle Scroll Acrolinx Connector button in the Confluence editor toolbar:

Check the text on this page

To check the quality of the text on this page using Acrolinx, click the Check button in the sidebar.

Next steps

Once the text check is complete, you can review Acrolinx' suggestions on how to improve the text on this page, or view more a detailed breakdown of the check results on the Acrolinx Scorecard.