March 2017

We are proud to announce the release of Scroll Acrolinx Connector 3.0 – delivering Confluence 6.0 compatibility, Acrolinx Sidebar integration, and multiple minor improvements.

Upgrade notes

System requirements

Confluence: Confluence versions 5.6 and later.

Acrolinx: Acrolinx Server versions 4.7 and later.

Browser: Internet Explorer 11 and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

In detail

Confluence 6 compatibility

This widely demanded feature has been a while coming, but has now been implemented: thank you for your patience.

Scroll Acrolinx Connector is now compatible with Confluence 6.

Acrolinx Sidebar integration

The release features integration with the new Acrolinx Sidebar, which is now perfectly integrated into the Confluence UI and lets you review suggestions side by side with your content:

Updates and fixes in this release

New Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution

Bugs Fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution

The Scroll Acrolinx Connector 3.0 team

Candid Dauth
Jens Rutschmann
Tobias Anstett
Roman Serazhiev
Thomas Walker