November 2014

We are proud to announce Scroll CHM Exporter 3.1.3

Highlights in Scroll CHM Exporter 3.1.3

In Detail

Native Help for Windows Applications

With Scroll CHM Exporter you can now export your Confluence content to a native Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (CHM). The CHM file contains a table of contents, full-text search, and an optional keyword index.

Export Schemes for User Friendly Exports

Export Schemes are similar to the Blueprints functionality in Confluence, and make it easier to export your content to CHM with only a few clicks.

 Confluence- and Space-Administrators are able to define export schemes which can either be used globally or only in specific spaces. In this export schemes all export settings like selecting the template, controlling the caption-position, linking and table handling can be defined once. This allows the users to export the content by just selecting the wanted export scheme without defining any settings. Exporting documentation content was never that easy.

Users still have the ability to browse and customize all settings, Confluence- and Space-Admininstrators can as well overwrite the export schemes after exporting.

Context-sensitive (F1) Help with Scroll Versions

Create your software documentation in Confluence, and provide context-sensitive help within your Windows application. Users press the F1 key to open the corresponding help topic.

In combination with the Scroll Versions add-on, you can define Page Keys to be linked with your Windows application's user interface.

The Scroll CHM Exporter 3.1.3 Team

Tobias Anstett
Peter Bastian
Nils Bier
Christoffer Bromberg
Candid Dauth
Johannes Egenolf
Mario Erazo
Martin Häberle
Maximilian Hilbert
Stefan Kleineikenscheidt
Jens Rutschmann
Sven Walter