June 2015

We are proud to announce Scroll CHM Exporter 3.2. This release is focused on new placeholders and improved anchor handling.


Scroll CHM Exporter 3.2 is the last version of Scroll CHM Exporter supporting Confluence 5.2 and before. All following versions will only be supporting Confluence 5.3 and later.

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Define placeholders for page properties

Gone are the times where you have to use the Metadata Plugin to define customized placeholders – We are now fully integrated with the default Confluence Page Properties Macro.

You can now reference to page properties defined with the Page Properties Macro on the root page of your exports. Just create a key-value table and refer to the defined values. Using your own placeholders has never been that easy.

Please have a look at the following page in our documentation for further details: Using Page Properties as placeholder.

Improved linking to anchors

Anchors are a great way to jump to specific points of a Confluence page – the longer the Confluence page gets, the more practical this functionality is. Our latest version of our Scroll Exporters can now properly handle those anchors.

No matter if your page titles contain special characters, or your anchors are saved on a heading, with the latest version they all work in the exported files as well, allowing you to jump to a certain point in the exported document with just one click.

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The Scroll CHM Exporter 3.2 Team

Tobias Anstett
Peter Bastian
Nils Bier
Mario Erazo
Maximilian Hilbert
Jens Rutschmann