August 2020

We are happy to announce the release of Scroll CHM Exporter 3.9.11, which is a maintenance release. In this release we have increased security for the app by checking requests for external content against the Confluence Whitelist - please see the additional information below as this change can impact on the generated export result. 

Important Update Information

In this release, we have changed the way in which content/images that are hosted on a different server are handled. Now, images that are hosted on a different server will not be downloaded by default any more in order to improve app security. This means to allow content from an external host to be downloaded you will now have to enable this host through the Confluence whitelist settings. You can find the Confluence whitelist configuration screen in the global admin configuration under "Users & Security > Whitelist". To read more, please see the Confluence whitelist documentation for further information about how to configure this whitelist.

All updates and fixes in this release

No public issues were resolved in this release.