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Create multiple rules of the same rule type

Some rule types are very flexible in their configuration options and can be used for more than one use case. In this article, you’ll learn how you can create multiple rules of the same rule type in a single rule set.


  1. Create a new rule in your Rule Editor or copy an existing one.

  2. Use the same rule type setting as for an existing rule.

  3. Align all rule settings (except the rule type) to fit each rules individual use case.

  4. Rerun these steps to create as many rules of the same rule type as you need.

  5. Save your rule configuration settings.

Examples Settings


# Rule 1
# Suggests to use a certain spelling of terms:
# "blog post" instead of "blogpost"
# "front-end" instead of "frontend"
  - rule: text-replacement
    level: minor
      blogpost: blog post
      frontend: front-end

# Rule 2
# Enforce inclusive text standards by replacing problematic words and phrases
# Selection based on:
  - rule: text-replacement
    description: Use inclusive language
    level: major
      he: they
      she: they
      mankind: humanity
      whitelist: allowlist
      blacklist: blocklist
      master: primary
      slave: secondary
      dummy: placeholder
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