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In this article, you’ll learn more about the rule type legacy-scroll-macros. See the table below:




Checks that legacy Scroll Macros are not used on a page. Legacy Scroll Macros are older versions of macros that the Scroll Exporter Extensions app provides and are usually scoped to a specific exporter, for example the Scroll PDF Ignore macro. These legacy macros are not supported in Cloud versions and have to be migrated to the newer supported version.

This rule can also automatically update the page with the correct migrations to the correct Cloud macros.

Ignore pages with label


Configuration options: none

Example Settings

# Check that no legacy Scroll Macros are used.

  - rule: legacy-scroll-macros
    description: Migrate outdated legacy macros to the newer supported version.
    level: critical   
    # This rule requires no configuration.

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