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Scroll Content Quality 2023-03-13

We are pleased to announce the release of Scroll Content Quality 2023-03-13 which is a feature release.

A new way to review your content

With this release we are introducing a new version of the page report dialog. The new page report now shows you a a preview of your page and highlights issues that were found directly in the content. With the sidebar you can see more details about the issue and directly jump to the next issue in the page.

Viewing issues in the new page report dialog

Review pages from the space overview

In addition to accessing the page report from the byline of the page you can now also access the same report from the space overview page by clicking the new page report button in the space overview of Scroll Content Quality.

Access page reports from the space overview

Additional bug fixes

We also made improvements to the external-links rule to make it more stable. Previously this rule often reported links as unavailable if the linked website did take longer to respond, which should now happen much less frequently.

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