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In this article, you’ll learn more about the rule type text-capitalization. See the table below:




Check how words are capitalized in various contexts (like headings, for example).

Ignore pages with label


Configuration options:


What kind of of capitalization style should be used? Allowed values:

  • sentence: Only words at the start of a sentence and proper nouns will be capitalized.

  • title: shorthand for the title-ap value

  • title-ap: Title casing based on the Associated Press Stylebook

  • title-chicago: Title casing based on the Chicago Manual of Style

Defaults to: sentence


Which elements on the page should this capitalization be applied to?

Allowed values:

  • heading: all headings on a page, regardless of the heading level. To only use this for certain heading levels, use one or multiple of:

    • heading1

    • heading2

    • heading3

    • heading4

    • heading5

    • heading6

  • paragraph: All normal paragraphs on the page.

  • link: All hyperlinks on the page, both external and internal links.

  • quote: All "Quote" paragraphs on the page

  • any: shorthand for all of the above

It is also possible to use multiple values for this setting, for example: [heading2, heading3, heading4, heading5, heading6]

Defaults to: none

Example Settings

# Report on incorrect capitalization in a specific element.

  - rule: text-capitalization
    description: Use title case in H1 and H2
    level: minor
    style: title          
    scope: [heading1, heading2]

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