How can I hide the Customize Settings button in the Export Schemes screen?


The Customize Settings must be hidden via CSS. This can either be done on space level or globally for the whole Confluence system.

Before you begin: To hide the Customize Settings, you must log in with Space Admin permissions.

To hide the Customize Settings for Scroll pdf in space level:

  1. Open the specific space you want to hide the Customize Settings.
  2. Click Browse > Space Admin.
    The Space Administration is displayed.
  3. In the Look and Feel section, click Stylesheets and enter the following CSS:

    .scroll-docbook-export-dialog.aui-dialog .dialog-button-panel a.button-panel-link.scroll-customize-settings-link { 
  4. Click Save.

The 'Customize Setting' is hidden for the required space.

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