We are pleased to introduce Scroll Documents 2.11.0 which is an improvement release.

This release includes a re-design of the read request feature, as well as smaller tweaks to other parts of the UI.

We have also made changes to the backend, making the document and version creation overall more reliable on Cloud.


A re-design of the read request experience

Scroll Document's read request feature helps you ensure that your documents are reviewed by the right people and kept up-to-date. Send requests to people in your organization for them to read, review and confirm they've have read the content of a specific version of a document.

With the redesigns, the read request feature is now better integrated with other parts of the app and includes new options.

  • Create read requests and manage responses directly from the version history table in the manager. Create requests for a specific version and see the active request icon appear in the table:
  • When creating a request, you can now enter a title. Use this field to specify the context of the request for your readers.

  • Readers can now add a note to their read confirmation, allowing them to give more context to their response:

Learn how to create and manage read requests.

Other improvements

  • On Cloud, the app is now more robust and reliable when creating documents or copies of documents and saving versions.
  • When exporting a document version with Scroll PDF exporter, it's now easier to identify if you have selected the right version before you click 'export':