For Scroll Documents to work, all Confluence users who use the add-on, require certain permissions. This is a complete list of all these permissions.

Please note that the listed space permissions need to be assigned in all spaces where Scroll Documents is used.

Required permissions for Confluence users

Space permissions


ViewDelete OwnAddDeleteAddDeleteAddDeleteAddDeleteAdd/DeleteDeleteExportAdmin

Create Documents


Delete Documents(tick)--(tick)----------
Edit Document Metadata----


(Only if you want to upload a custom document cover)

Copy Documents-----------
Manage Document Restrictions(tick)---------(tick)---
Create Document Version(tick)-(tick)------


(only if the version on which the new version is based on has restrictions)

Delete Document Version------------
Copy Document Version-----------
Edit Version Metadata------------
Manage Version Restrictions------------

How to assign the permissions

The Confluence documentation contains in-depth instructions on how to assign global and space permissions.