Scroll Documents enables you to create read requests and manage read confirmations on your multi-page Confluence documents.

A new request will notify your team that they should read a document and track their confirmations in Confluence.

In order to create read requests and manage confirmations, you must have space admin permissions in the space that the document is in. 

Create a new read request 

New read requests can be created from either the Documents Overview or in the Document Viewer. From the Overview, select the document that you need your team to read to open the document details. From the more actions menu  select New read request


Alternatively, you can create a new request in the Document Viewer. This action will appear in the actions menu  in the top right of the document. 

Set request details 

In the New Read Request dialogue, pick the document and even the specific version of the document that you need read, optionally add a message and set a deadline, and finally enter the readers you wish to notify. These can be individual users or groups in Confluence. 

Email notifications

The users or groups you entered will receive an email notifying them of your request with a link to open that document in Confluence. In the Viewer, they will be able to read the document and confirm that they have done so.