All read requests and confirmations can be managed from a single read requests overview in your Confluence space if you have space admin permissions.

To get to this overview, first navigate to the Documents Overview and select the Read requests button in the top right corner next to New document. This will open the overview with all requests that have been created for this space. 

You can use the search and filter at the top to find specific requests or filter to show only Active requests. 

Manage requests and confirmations

Select the actions button next to the request status to manage the request and confirmations.

View details will display more details of the request like when it was requested, which version of the document was defined, and the message. 

Manage readers will open a dialogue to show all requested readers of the document, their confirmation status, and confirmation date if they have already confirmed. 

Add new readers to a request

You can add new readers to an active request at any time. 

From the Manage readers dialogue, enter the users or groups you would like to add to the request from the search in the top right and click Add:

These new readers will receive a notification to read the document and you can manage their confirmations from the existing active request.