To help you read and interact with multiple pages of your document at once, Scroll Documents offers a dedicated, scrollable Document Viewer. In addition to optimizing the readability of your document, you can also: 

  • View and navigate the document outline
  • Jump to the Confluence editor to make changes to content
  • Set the document's status
  • View, save, and manage document versions 

Navigate a Document with the Outline 

The Document Viewer automatically creates a document outline to help you stay in context as you read through a document. The document outline will display all page titles and headings contained within those pages to the left of the document's content. 

The outline is interactive, so you can expand and collapse sections as necessary. To scroll to a specific section in the document, simply click on a title or heading within the outline.

Edit the Document

Scroll Documents provides a shortcut to editing the content of your document directly from the Document Viewer.

To the right of each page title in the document, you'll see a subtle Edit button: 

Clicking this will open the Confluence editor where you can immediately start editing the page content. 

Note that the edit option is only available next to the page titles of the document. So if your goal is to edit a specific section of a document, such as content below a heading, you must first scroll to the page that this heading belongs to where you'll find the Edit button available. 

Alternatively, you can click the actions menu ••• next to the Edit button to open this page in the Confluence page tree and follow the standard Confluence page edit workflow: 

Set a Document Status 

With Scroll Documents, you can assign a status to your document to indicate what state it is in. By default, all documents are set to In Progress, but you can choose to set this to Under Review or Approved

To change the status of your document, click directly on the status below the document title to open the Set Status dialogue:

Use the picker to change the status from In Progress to Under Review and click Save:

You'll see that the status of the document has been changed and is now also visible in the metadata of the document. Statuses also apply to the saved versions of your document and can be updated at any time.

Note that statuses apply to the document as a whole and do not apply to the individual pages of a document.

Save a version in the Viewer

To save a version of a document, click the actions menu ••• in the Document Viewer and select Save a version:

Assign the version a name, optionally add a comment, and click Save.

For more information about document versions, read the article Save a version.