Just as you can create copies of your document, you can also create copies of your versions. When you need to create a new document from the content of a version, copying is the simplest way to do so. 

You can copy versions into the same space or to a different space. 

Create a Copy 

  1. Navigate to the document in the Viewer
  2. Click the Version History to open all versions of the document
  3. Select the version you want to delete then click the actions menu • > and Copy:
  4. Pick a title for the copy or choose to keep the default.
  5. Pick a location for your copy starting with the Confluence Space and then the Parent page

  6. When you copy versions into the same space, you'll need to add a prefix, as two pages with the same name can't live in the same space. To help handle these conflicts, you can add a Prefix in the Advanced section.

  7. By default, this prefix is Copy of which all page titles of the document pages will inherit. When you customize this prefix, you'll see a dynamic preview of the Copy's new title in the dialog.

  8. The new copy of the version will then appear in the Overview of whichever space you have selected. 

What's included when you copy a document? 

This table gives you a breakdown of what is included when you copy a version: 

Version contentYes
Page attachments or images within the versionYes
Workflow statusNo – reverts to In Progress
Created byTransfers to the creator of the Copy

Yes - if you have permission to see the document pages, you will be able to see the copy.