Please note, read-only here means that un-authorized users won't be able to update the metadata of the version like version title and version comment, nor will they be able to update the content of the underlying pages. However, users will still be able to add pages to the document version if they have space-level permission to create pages.

There are two ways in which you can make your versions 'read-only' using Scroll Documents. You can either make them read-only when you save a new version, or you can do it later by using the Restrictions tool available in the document viewer. Both approaches are shown below. 

Approach #1: Make a document version read-only while saving a version

  • Follow the steps to save a document version in order to bring up the 'Save a version' dialog.
  • In the dialog, be sure to check the 'Prevent others from editing this version' checkbox prior to saving:
  • Checking this option will prevent any user besides yourself from updating the metadata of the version and the content on all of the versioned pages.

Approach #2: Use the Scroll Documents Restrictions Tool

If you need to make a version read-only after it has been saved, you can set edit restrictions on your versions using the Restrictions Tool by following the instructions mentioned here: How to manage Document Restrictions.