Scroll documents enables you to personalize your documents by adding a cover image. It ships with four OOTB images for you to use. But, in addition to that, you can also use your own images as well.

Choose from out-of-the-box images

  1. You can update the cover image of a document from the Documents Overview, as well as from the Document Viewer.
    1. In the Documents overview, you have the following two options - 
      1. Hover over the document of your choice and click the little camera icon that appears on the top-right corner of the document card. 

      2. Click on the document card, then click on the meatball (...) menu in the document details view, and the click 'Change cover image'
    2. In the Document viewer, click on the meatball (...) menu on the top-right corner, and the click 'Change cover image'

  2. From the Gallery, choose the image you wish to set as the document cover, and click Save.

Upload a custom cover image

  1. Open the 'Change cover' dialog (see step-1 in the previous section)
  2. Click Upload Image from the left navigation bar.

  3. You can chose to drag and drop a new image, or upload it by clicking the 'Upload an image' button.
  4. Once the upload is complete, click Save.

  • Only .jpg, .jpeg, and .png files are supported