With Scroll Documents, you can manage documents in Confluence through a review and approval process, giving you control and oversight into which documents have been approved when and by whom.

Use of the In Progress, Under Review, and Approved workflow statuses to manage each document through a workflow. To change these statuses, simply click on the status label from within the document viewer to transition. 

With the help of document restrictions, you can limit which users can transition the status, thereby restricting approval to only the users or groups with authorization to approve documents. 

Track changes and control Confluence documents with the activity log

In order to track changes to a document in Confluence, you need an overview of how the document has been altered over its lifecycle.

With the Scroll Documents Activity Log, you can see an overview of these changes in one screen to see when a document was approved and by whom, and also when major versions of the document have been saved:

You can even drill down into the document timeline to see which individual pages of the document have been updated and which users made changes. This gives you a more granular look at what has changed between review or approval or between when major versions were saved: 


Switch to the list view of the activity log to see a running list of changes made to the document: 

Filter by Versions saved, Status changed, and Page updated to see only specific changes made to the document: 

You can also Export to CSV to store this information or share with others outside of your Confluence instance.