After you've created some documents in a space, you can view them in the Document Library. To access the Document Library click Documents Library in the space sidebar:

The Document Library is the central hub for all documents in a space. In the Library toolbar, you can:

  • Browse through all documents at once in either a visual grid view or a compressed list view
  • Search documents by title 
  • Filter documents by creator or labels
  • Sort documents by title or recently created 

In the grid view you will see each document as a Document Card:

In each Document card, you can see: 

  • The document title 
  • The creator's user icon, along with the document creation date

You can also perform a few actions directly from the card. Click on the actions menu ••• in the right corner to: 

  • Open in page tree: Navigate to the document's root page
  • Manage: Navigate to the Document Manager
  • Export the document to PDF or Word 
  • Copy the document 
  • Delete the document