We are pleased to introduce ScrollDocuments 2.5.0 which is a feature and improvement release.

This update introduces changes to the Document Workflow Statuses, improvements to the Document Composer and Document Toolbox.


Use the two new workflow statuses

With this release, we have added two more status to help you manage your workflows better - Rejected and Outdated.

Additionally, you will be able to choose if you wish to display workflow statuses for your document versions. Simply select '(No status)' from the status picker and you're good to go.

A faster and more efficient Document Composer

We have made a lot of big and small changes to the Document Composer to make it even more powerful. It is now faster and more responsive than before.

Additionally,  we have made the following visual improvements - 

  • The items in the page tree can now be dragged only by their drag handlers as opposed to the entire item. This gives you a better experience when you want to edit the page titles.
  • We have added a 'Clear selection' action to the search results.
  • Now, you can quickly preview a page in the search result by opening it in a new tab. to make sure you are adding the right content to your document.
  • We now default the space filter to the current space to help you find your pages faster.

Read a document from the Toolbox

With this release, we have brought back the reader action to the toolbox. Simply click the read icon to open the document in the Reader.