When your pages have Include Page Macros, versioning can be a challenge. The reason being, an include page macro will dynamically pull in and display the content of one page inside of another and will always show the latest revision of the included page(s). In addition, Confluence's out-of-the-box page versions do not include the content of the include page macros. As a result, you will always see the latest revision of the included pages in all versions of your document pages.

But with Scroll Documents, you can easily version pages that contain Include Page Macros with a few simple clicks, given that the page is already part of a document: 

Learn how to convert an existing Confluence page into a document or create a new document from scratch here: Create a new document

  • Open the New Version dialogue by following the instructions mentioned here: Save a document version
  • Once you have filled out the necessary metadata, expand the 'Advanced' section and be sure that the 'Resolve include page macros' option is checked. 

  • Click Save.

That's it. The new version of your document will contain a snapshot of the content of the included page. Any new changes you make to the included pages will only reflect in the 'Current' version of the document.