When you Save a version of a document, you're saving a snapshot of that document's page structure and content at a certain point in time. You can use the versioning feature to version multiple pages as a single unit – for example, to track changes to documents throughout the document lifecycle or archive / freeze a certain state.

Save a version in the Document Manager

Navigate to the Document Manager either from the Document Library or the Document Toolbox as shown in the screenshots below - 

Go to the Versions history screen by clicking the 'Versions' item in the left navigation panel.

To save a version of this document, click the  New version button on the top left corner of the screen:

In the new version form

  • assign the version a name of your choice or leave the default, 
  • update the prefix (or leave the default) 
  • optionally add a short summary of the changes. 
  • update the status of the version
  • Select which existing version to base the new version off
  • optionally, make the version 'edit restricted' by checking the 'Prevent others from editing this version' checkbox. 
  • click Save.

The new version will appear in the version history table. Each saved version also contains a date, time stamp, and the name of the user who saved the version: 

You can use the Scroll Documents Version History macro to embed the version history table on any page in your document.

Read a Document Version

Navigate to the Document manager and open the Versions section

In the version history table locate the version you want to read and click on the 'Read' action 

Updating the Metadata of Document Versions

With Scroll Documents, you are able to update the version metadata that you had added when saving a new version, viz. Version name, Summary of changes, Prefix, and Version status.

In order to do so, navigate to the Document Manager → Versions 

Locate the version and click on the '...' button in the Actions column.

In the drop down menu click Edit Metadata.

Updating the Content of Document Versions 

All updates to a document will be reflected in the current working version only.

To edit a previous version of the document, navigate to the Document Manager → Versions.

Locate the version and click on the '...' button in the Actions column.

In the drop down menu click Open in page tree.

You can then edit the content to the pages with your standard Confluence edit workflow.