We are pleased to introduce Scroll Documents 2.12.0 which is an improvement release.

This release includes a new out-of-the-box Production Documentation template.


Introducing a Product Documentation template

Besides creating a new document from an existing or from a completely new page tree, you can now also start from our new out-of-the-box template Product Documentation.

The template is shipped with the app and helps you get started writing documentation for your own product. The template consists of a pre-made structure that is optimised for software products. It outlines the most important sections and contains some helpful tips on how and what content to add to your product documentation.

 Why use Scroll Documents for product documentation?

When teams author technical documentation in Confluence, they usually build out a page tree. A page tree is a great way of creating a multi-page structure and arranging pages into hierarchies, with multiple parent and child pages. The problem with Confluence page trees is that pages are only really unified visually, so it's not easy to manage all pages as a single unit of content.

By enabling Scroll Documents on a page tree, all pages within it become members of a Scroll Document, giving you robust content management functionalityYou can now save a version of your product documentation, quickly compose and edit the page tree structure, track changes across all pages and publish the documentation in just a few clicks.

Learn how to get started creating a document and explore what's inside the template!