This page aims to answer the question of whether your existing Scroll Versions workflow on Confluence Server or Data Center can be migrated to Confluence Cloud, as some of the features have yet to be implemented in Scroll Documents and some already implemented ones work differently.


TypeScroll VersionsScroll Documents




Data Center(tick)



The feature comparison below is updated regularly as we continue development on Scroll Documents. The current information reflects the feature state of .


Legend(tick) – Available | (error) – Unavailable | (warning) – Partially available

FeatureDescriptionScroll VersionsScroll DocumentsDetails


Create and manage different versions of your documentation in Confluence.(tick)(tick)

Although both apps provide functionality to create and manage versions of your documentation, there are still some fundamental differences between them that you should be aware of. 

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Variants and Conditional ContentCreate and manage different variants of your documentation. (tick)(tick)

Both variants and conditional content have been released for Scroll Documents and are supported by the automated migration.

Publish in Confluence

Publish the documentation from your private authoring space to a public space.(tick)(warning)

Scroll Versions supports three different mechanisms to publish content within Confluence: Publish to a new space, Publish to an existing space, and Publish within the same space. Although, Scroll Documents does not support all these mechanisms yet, it provides a workaround that can help you with basic publishing use cases. 

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Publish to the WebPublish your documentation and its versions to a publicly available Help Center using Scroll Viewport


(Server Only)


(Cloud Only)

Scroll Versions integrates with Scroll Viewport on Confluence Server only, while Scroll Documents integrates with Scroll Viewport on Confluence Cloud only.
Publish to a DocumentPublish your documentation and its versions into different file formats with Scroll Exporters.(tick)(warning)

Scroll Versions integrates with all of our Scroll Exporters. Scroll Documents currently integrates with Scroll PDF Exporter and Scroll Word Exporter.

Publish to a different Confluence Instance (Remote Publishing)Publish your content to a different Confluence instance.(tick)(error)As an alternative, you can use Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud to publish your documents created with Scroll Documents to a publicly available site.

Content Reuse


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FeatureDescriptionScroll VersionsScroll DocumentsDetails
Duplicate Page TitlesUnlike in a standard Confluence installation, you can use the same title for multiple pages in a space.(tick)(warning)

With Scroll Versions, this is achieved with the help of the Scroll Page Title which replaces the "actual" title in page view. In Scroll Documents, this is achieved with the help of Document Prefixes.

Page Keys & Context Sensitive HelpAssign page keys to specific pages that can be used to link to that page.(tick)(error)Page keys (content keys) are currently being implemented in Scroll Documents and Scroll Viewport for Cloud.


FeatureDescriptionScroll VersionsScroll Documents
Java APIIntegrate Confluence Server apps with Scroll Versions.(tick)(error)
REST API (unofficial)Use REST resources for process automation.(tick)(error)


Scroll Apps

AppScroll VersionsScroll Documents

Scroll Viewport (for Confluence Server/DC)


Scroll Viewport (for Confluence Cloud)(error)(tick)
Scroll Translations(tick)(error)
Scroll PDF Exporter


Scroll Word Exporter(tick)(tick)
Scroll HTML Exporter(tick)(error)
Scroll DocBook Exporter(tick)(error)
Scroll EclipseHelp Exporter(tick)(error)
Scroll EPUB Exporter(tick)(error)
Scroll CHM Exporter(tick)(error)

Third-Party Apps

AppDescriptionScroll VersionsScroll Documents
Comala Document ManagementIntegrates versioned spaces with Comala Document Management Workflows.



Still unclear? Please reach out to us

If it's still unclear to you whether or not Scroll Versions or Scroll Documents is right for you, please reach out to us via and describe your needs and use case, and we'll further explain which is the right app for you.