Just as you can create copies of your document, you can also create copies of your versions. When you need to create a new document from the content of a version, copying is the simplest way to do so. 

You can copy versions into the same space or to a different space. 

Create a Copy 

navigate to the Document Manager → Versions 

Locate the version and click on the '...' button in the Actions column.

In the drop down menu click Copy:

Pick a title for the copy or choose to keep the default.

Pick a location for your copy starting with the Confluence Space and then the Parent page

When you copy versions into the same space, you'll need to add a prefix, as two pages with the same name can't live in the same space. To help handle these conflicts, you can add a Prefix in the Advanced section.

The new copy of the version will then appear in the Overview of whichever space you have selected. 

What's included when you copy a document? 

This table gives you a breakdown of what is included when you copy a version: 

Version contentYes
Page attachments or images within the versionYes
Created byTransfers to the creator of the Copy