To help you read and interact with multiple pages of your document at once, Scroll Documents offers a dedicated, scrollable Document Reader.

You can open the reader from the document library by clicking anywhere on your document card.

Choose between a preview and fullscreen view

When you click on a document in the library your document will open in a dialogue on top of your library. This allows you to quickly close the document again and continue browsing.

From the preview, you can also switch to a fullscreen view of your document. Simply click the display icon on the top right of the preview:


Your document is now expanded to a full screen:

In addition to optimizing the readability of your document, in the fullscreen view of the reader you can also: 

  • View and navigate the Document Outline
  • If you have edit permissions: Open the page tree or individual pages of your document to make changes to the content
  • Share your document
  • Confirm a Read Request
  • Compare versions of your document 
  • Export to PDF or Word
  • Copy your document

Navigate a Document with the Outline 

The Document Reader automatically creates a document outline to help you stay in context as you read through a document. The document outline will display all page titles and headings contained within those pages to the left of the document's content. 

The outline is interactive, so you can expand and collapse sections as necessary. To scroll to a specific section in the document, simply click on a title or heading within the outline.

Open the pages of your Document

In the reader, you can find a shortcut to open your document as Confluence pages. From these pages, you will be able to edit the content of your document.

When you hover your mouse to the left of each page title in the document, you'll see a actions menu ••• from where you can click Open in pages

Clicking this option next to a specific page title will open the corresponding page of your document. Here you can click edit and start to edit the page content following the standard Confluence page edit workflow.

Note that the Open in pages option is only available next to the page titles of the document. So if your goal is to open a specific section of a document, such as content below a heading, you must first scroll to the page that this heading belongs to where you'll find the Open in pages button available. 

Read about how you can Compare Versions from the Reader.