This article explains whether you should use Scroll Documents or Scroll Versions for content and versioning.

Scroll Documents – for managing multi-page documents

Scroll Documents is a tool for writing and managing your business documents within Confluence. Documents consist of subsections of a space's page tree – meaning that Scroll Documents is better suited for managing multiple units of content that are larger than a single page, but smaller than a whole space.

Scroll Documents takes a lightweight approach to versioning – you can save, compare and view versions. It's best used for tracking changes to single business documents throughout the document lifecycle.

Scroll Versions – for managing documentation on a space level

Scroll Versions is designed for authoring, managing and publishing documentation in Confluence. With Scroll Versions, you version content on a space level – this means it's better suited for managing large sets of documentation that warrant their own space.

Scroll Versions has more advanced version management features than Scroll Documents (such as rescheduling content between versions, publishing versions to different spaces, and more...), and is more suited to complex authoring and publishing tasks.

Still unclear? Please reach out to us

If it's still unclear to you whether or not Scroll Versions or Scroll Documents is right for you, please reach out to us via and describe your needs and use case, and we'll further explain which is the right app for you.

Scroll Documents and Scroll Versions compared

FeatureScroll DocumentsScroll Versions
Available for Confluence Server(tick)(tick)
Available for Confluence Cloud(tick)(error)
Available for Confluence DataCenter


Integration with Scroll Exporters


  • Scroll PDF Exporter
  • Scroll Word Exporter


  • all Scroll Exporters
Integration with Scroll Viewport(error)(tick)
Integration with Scroll Translations(error)(tick)
Integration with Comala Workflows

(see DOCS-36 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

Built-in workflow(tick) – on a document level(tick) – on a page level
Versioning(tick) – on subtree level, after the content is created ("baseline")(tick) – on space level, before the content is created
Publishing(tick) – by copying a document into another space(tick) – using the publishing functionality
Compare changes(tick) – advanced compare functionality with full details on changes(tick) – similar to the Confluence functionality
Read Confirmations(tick)(error)