We are pleased to introduce Scroll Documents 3.2.0 which is an improvement release.

This release includes a more robust comparison tool with the improved accuracy, a more intuitive and consistent create document experience and a more user friendly in-app support experience.


New and Improved Document Create Flow

The new document create flow simplifies the process of creating a document.

In the Document Library, New Document options are renamed and presented in a dropdown to give you a quicker access to the different options.

Now, Start from Scratch option consists of only two steps so that you can get started managing your document right away.

Moreover, it is possible to add prefix and change the location of your document’s Working Version in the Organize Page Tree step.

Create Support Tickets within the App

With this release, we redesigned our way of communicating error messages in Scroll Documents. The new error messages are not only more user friendly, but also they allow users to download an error report and create support tickets directly from context.


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