We are pleased to introduce Scroll Documents 1.1.0 which is a feature release. 

This release introduces the new Read Confirmation feature, enabling users to create read requests and manage read confirmations on their multi-page Confluence documents. 

We have also introduced a few minor bug fixes and improvements. 


Document Read Confirmations

This release introduces the new Read Confirmations feature to Scroll Documents. If you have a document that you need your team to read, like an employee handbook or other internal documentation, you can simply create a new request for that document. 

When creating a new read request, you can select the document and even define a specific version of that document, add a message, set a deadline, and enter the readers you wish to notify. These can be individual users or groups in Confluence. You can see all the readers who have confirmed, add new users or groups to the request, and even close or delete the request if it's no longer necessary. This ensures you're able to keep records of read confirmations for future reference and compliance. Learn how to create your first read request here