We are pleased to introduce Scroll Documents 1.3.1 which is a feature and bug fix release.

This update introduces two new features. One, you can now 'include' existing Confluence pages from any page tree or space into your document instead of copying them. These pages then, would always reflect the current state of the included page. Second, you will be able to easily version documents that contain page include macros in a way that the saved version contains the state of the included page at the time it was saved.


Include Existing Confluence Pages into your Documents

With this feature, you can now 'include' a page instead of simply copying them into your documents. A page added this way will always reflect the most recent state of the included page. You can use this feature to easily share common content between documents, or even create entirely dynamic documents.

Version Documents Containing Include Page Macros

Previously, if you saved a new version of a document that had 'Include Page Macros', the saved version still reflected the most up to date version of the included pages. But, with this new feature you will have the power to 'resolve' such page include macros when saving a new version or copying a document. This way, the versions of the document will always contain a static snapshot of the included pages.

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