Track changes to a document over time and take your documents through a review and approval process, giving you control and oversight into which documents have been approved when and by whom.

You can do all of this from the Document Manager:

  • From the Document Library, click the actions menu ••• on a document and select Manage.


  • From a page in a document, click Document toolbox and select Manage.

Track Changes and Control Documents with the Activity Log

Use the Activity Log to see an overview of all changes to a document in one screen. In the Activity Log, you can see:

  • When a document was approved

  • Who approved the document

  • When major versions of the document were saved

To access the Activity Log:

  • Click Activity Log.

  • Drill into the document timeline to see which individual pages within the document were updated and the users who made changes. This gives you a more granular look at what has changed between review or approval or between when major versions were saved.

  • Switch to the list view of the activity log to see a running list of changes made to the document: 

  • Filter by Versions saved, Status changed, and Page updated to see only specific changes made to the document: 

  • You can also Export to CSV to store this information or share with others outside of your Confluence instance. 

What’s Next?

Learn how to set restrictions on a document and manage document versions.