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Define and Edit Variants

In this article, you will learn how to define and edit a variant. This is the first step to start conditionalizing the content in your document.

We recommend defining your variants before you start versioning your document. If your document already includes versions other than the Working Version, you should make sure that your variant definition applies to all versions that require the variants.

Navigate to the Variants Manager

  1. Navigate to the Document Library of the space where you have created your Scroll Documents

  2. Click on the document card to navigate to the Document Manager.

  3. From the ••• menu on the top-right corner of the Document Manager select Manage variants.

Define a new variant

To start creating a new variant definition, click on New Variant in the top-right corner of the screen. In the New Variant dialog follow these steps:

  • In the field Variant name, enter a name for your variant.

  • Under Rules, add one or more rules to define which pages of your document get included and excluded from the variant. To learn how to best set up your rules, check out Best Practices: Setting up Variant Rules.

  • Optional: Add rules under a rule. Hold the Alt/Option key while clicking on the (plus) (Add rule) button. Please note: Nested rules are only available if you have extended Scroll Documents with Variants for Scroll Documents.

Variant details dialog with one rule set up

Use the dynamic page tree preview on the right of the dialog to check which pages in your document will be part of the variant based on the rules that you define. A page that is struckthrough means that it’s not included in the variant.

Use the version switcher on top to preview the page trees of all your versions.

  • Click Create.

Your variant is now defined. From here on, any content added to your document that matches the rules of the variant will automatically be considered part of the variant.

Learn how to create content that matches your variant rules in Define Conditional Content .

Edit and delete a variant

The Manage Variants action in the Document manager always indicates the number of variants you have currently set up for your document.

After creating a variant, you can always go back to the Variants Manager to overview all created variants in a list.

From the variants list:

  • Click the pen icon to edit the name and/or rules of a variant.

  • Click the trash icon to delete a variant.

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