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Manage Read Requests and Confirmations

Manage all read requests and confirmations from a single read requests overview.

You need Confluence space administrator permissions to overview and manage all read requests.

From the Document Library, click Read requests in the upper right corner. The Read Requests overview displays.

Manage all read requests screen with open actions menu

In the overview, you can:

  • View all read requests created for the space

  • Search for a specific read request

  • Filter for active read requests

From the ••• menu, for each created request you can:

  • View responses to open a dialogue displaying all requested readers of the document, their confirmation status, and confirmation date if they have already confirmed.

  • View details to display more details for the request like when it was requested, which version of the document was defined, and the message.

  • Close request to close the request for all readers.

  • Delete request to delete the request for all readers.

Manage responses

From the Manage response screen and your version history table, you can overview a list of response details of readers that you added to the read request. You can also add new readers to the request.

Click Export to CSV to download all responses and response details in a table format.

View responses

Overview response details for each reader that you have sent the request to:

  • user name

  • response status

  • additional notes that they have left in the confirmation dialog

  • response date

Add readers

You can add new readers to an active request at any time.

  • Use the search to select the users or groups you would like to add to the read request and click Add.

  • When you’ve added the new readers, click Close.

New readers will receive an email notification (learn how to enable notification) to read the document. Their details will get added to the responses list.

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