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Resolve "Unable to create a new document"/"Unable to enable Scroll Documents" Error


When trying to create a new document in a space the operation fails with the following error message:


When trying to open the document toolbox, it only displays the following error:


This behavior is intended to prevent users from using Scroll Documents in the same space with either Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations, as these apps are using different approaches to versioning and language management. In general, there is no benefit to using these apps together as the features of Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations are covered by Scroll Documents and Translations for Scroll Documents and simultaneous use might result in broken content.


In order to resolve the error and enable document creation in the space at hand, all Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations need to be disabled. Find below a list of features to disable:

FeatureHow to disable
VersioningDeactivate Scroll Versions
TranslationsDeactivate Scroll Translations
VariantsDelete all variants and attributes in the space
Duplicate page titles

In the Scroll Versions settings, uncheck "Allow duplicate page titles in this space"

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