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How Can I Have Duplicate Page Titles Within the Same Version?

In Confluence, it's not possible to have multiple pages with the same title in the same space. This can cause conflicts when creating, copying, or versioning a document.

While across different versions, Scroll Documents can ensure all page names are unique by using a version prefix. However, within a given version, the prefix is shared by all pages. This makes it impossible to reuse a page title within the same version.

Although this limitation cannot be lifted in the Confluence view, you can use the Scroll Page Title property to set a publishing title for a page. This title will be used in all public contexts like Scroll Viewport sites, Scroll exports, and the Document Reader.

How to Set a Scroll Page Title

Follow these steps to apply a Scroll Page Title to a page in a document:

  1. Navigate to the page for which you'd like to set a Scroll Page Title.

  2. Select page actions (•••).

  3. Select Set Scroll Page Title.

  4. Enter the title and click Save.

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