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Navigate the App

Once Scroll Documents is active in your Confluence instance, within your spaces you will see three entry points to Scroll Documents' functionality. These entry points take you to the following contexts:

  1. Document Library

  2. Document Toolbox

  3. Document Manager

Document Library

To access the Document Library:

  • Click Scroll Documents from the Apps section in your space sidebar.

In the Document Library, you can:

  1. Browse all documents in the space

  2. Create a new document

  3. Open the Document Reader

  4. Access the Read Request Manager

  5. Navigate to the Document Manager

Document Toolbox

From the Document Toolbox, you can:

  1. View document details

  2. Save a version

  3. Open the Document Reader

  4. Navigate to the Document Manager

  5. Switch between versions using the Version Picker

  6. Execute some version-specific actions including:

Document Manager

Navigation to the Document Manager is possible both through the cog icon in Document toolbox and by clicking on the Document cards in the Document Library.

In the Document Manager, you can:

  1. View Document details (title and cover image)

  2. Go to the Document Library

  3. Manage Variants, Translations, and Context Keys

  4. Take document specific actions:

  5. Compare versions

  6. Use the version history table to:

  7. Save a Version

Elements within the Document Manager

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