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Revert to V1 APIs

Atlassian is updating their Confluence APIs to their new V2 APIs (version 2 APIs), which means that we've had to make adaptations for Scroll Documents. If you encounter issues related to the new V2 APIs, and our support team identifies them as the cause, you can switch back to the original V1 APIs temporarily while we address the problem. This article provides instructions on how to revert to the V1 APIs if necessary.


You've reported issues to our support, and it's been determined that a bug in the new V2 APIs is causing the problem.


If our support team cannot offer an immediate fix and the issue is severe enough that you cannot wait, you can re-enable the original V1 APIs by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Confluence system with system admin permissions.

  2. Click on Confluence administration (cog icon).


  4. Select Settings.

  5. Click on the toggle “Use Confluence V2 REST API” to revert to the original APIs, see screenshot below:

    V2 APIs disabled

  6. Click Save to confirm the changes.

Only disable the V2 APIs if our support team has instructed you to do so.

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