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Why do I see Duplicate "Scroll Page Title" Entries?

Why Do I See Two Entries for “Set Scroll Page Title” in the Page Tools Menu on Confluence Cloud?

We understand that you may have noticed two entries for Set Scroll Page Title in the page tools menu, and we want to clarify why this is happening.

Initially, this feature was only available in the Scroll Exporter Extensions app, but we decided to add it to Scroll Documents as well, so our users can benefit from it without installing an extra app.

Our original plan was to include the Set Scroll Page Title option in the Document toolbox for a better user experience. However, due to an open bug in Atlassian, we were unable to implement it as intended.

Additionally, because of technical limitations of the Atlassian Platform, different apps are unable to share the same user interface entry points, resulting in the duplicated entries when you have multiple relevant apps installed.

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Will the Duplicate Entries Affect the Functionality of the “Set Scroll Page Title” Options?

No, the functionality of the Set Scroll Page Title options remains intact. Both entries will always include the correct page title value. If you update one of the entries, the other entry will also reflect the changes because they are setting the same property.

Are There Any Plans to Address This Issue of Duplicate Entries in the Future?

Yes, the development team acknowledges the UX problem caused by the duplicate entries and plans to provide a better solution in the future. While a temporary compromise has been made due to an open Atlassian bug, efforts are underway to find an alternative approach that resolves the duplication and improves the user experience.

Can I Use Either of the “Set Scroll Page Title” Entries?

Yes, you can use either of the entries for setting the scroll page title, and they should work as expected. The duplication does not affect the functionality of the options.

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