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Cloud & Server Differences

Learn about the differences between the Server and Cloud versions of Scroll Documents.


As Scroll Documents maintains feature parity between its Server version and the Cloud version, there are no signifiant differences between the apps.

Please note that due to the differences between the Confluence Cloud and Server environments, there are some minor differences in app behaviour.
  • Scroll Documents' restriction feature builds on Confluence's page restrictions, which are handled differently in Confluence Cloud and Server. As a consequence, on Server, users will always require edit permissions for pages (at least for document root pages) to be able to receive edit metadata permissions. On Cloud, it's possible to control edit permissions for pages and metadata separately. 
  • Scroll Documents' read request feature uses Confluence's email notifications. On Cloud, users' email addresses need to be made explicitly available to the app, so that read requests can be sent out to them. Learn how to make emails accessible to the app.
  • On Cloud, you can control who can create, modify, and delete Read Requests in a space using space permissions. On server, only space admins and users who can edit a document can create a Read Request, while Read Requests can only  be deleted by space admins.


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Server/Data Center


Scroll PDF Exporter
Scroll Word Exporter
Export Scroll Documents to PDF and Word and set default templates for your documents.(tick)(tick)
Scroll ViewportAdd a Scroll Document as a content source to your Viewport site and allow your visitors to switch between multiple version of your content.(error)


Still Unclear? Reach Out to Us

If it's still unclear about which deployment is right for you, reach out to us via

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