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How Do Extension Apps Work?

Scroll Documents and its feature set can be extended by two extension apps:

In order to make it easy for you to try these features without having to install these extension apps first, we have enabled limited feature sets within the Scroll Documents app itself via the Demo mode.

Demo Vs. Full Mode: Feature Availability

Both the variants and translations extension have a demo mode, in which a limited set of their features can be used without installing the extension app. The table below outlines the differences between the two modes - 

Extension app

Demo mode

Full mode

Variants for Scroll Documents

  • Max. 2 variants per document

  • Only manual label editing

  • Simple variant rules only

  • Unlimited number of variants

  • Bulk label editing

  • Complex, nested variant rules

Translations for Scroll Documents

  • Max. 2 languages per document (authoring language + 1 target language)

  • Manual translation only

  • Unlimited number of languages

  • Manual and external (XLIFF) translation

Enable and Disable Demo Features

Should you have no interest in using variants or translations feature and would like to remove their demo from your instance, you can opt out of demo mode. Here's how to disable demo mode for both extensions:

  1. Navigate to General Configurations

  2. In the left side bar, locate Scroll Documents and select Settings

  3. Under Features > Extensions, disable the toggles for Variants and Translations for Scroll Documents to disable the extensions.

Menu to enable and disable app features

Setting the extension toggles to off will hide the extension features even if you have licensed the respective app!

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