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Incomplete Page Tree After Saving a Version Fails

Sometimes, errors occur when saving versions in Scroll Documents, resulting in incomplete page trees. This article explains how to locate and remove these incomplete page trees so that you can save new versions thereafter.


During the process of saving a version in Scroll Documents, an error interrupts the process, resulting in an incomplete page tree.


To get rid of the unfinished page tree, follow the steps below:

  1. Identify incomplete page trees:

    1. Navigate to the “Document Library” by clicking on Scroll Documents under “Apps” in the left sidebar.

    2. Click on the document card of the affected document.

    3. Access the version links by clicking on any version (excluding the Working version). This will take you to a view where you can see the “Versions of…” parent page.

    4. Locate the unfinished page tree associated with the failed version.

  1. Delete incomplete page tree:

    1. Once you have located the unfinished page tree, navigate to the root page of that version.

    2. Click on the more actions (•••) icon > select Delete.

    3. Choose "Include nested items" to ensure all child pages of the unfinished page tree are deleted.

    4. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.

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